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Rounding The Bend: SoCal League Faces Their Most Challenging Course

Rounding the bend on the regular season, SoCal League student athletes finally made their way out to Keysville to face the most challenging course of the year.

2019 SoCal Interscholastic Mountain Bike Racing Series ROUND FOUR

Rounding the bend on the regular season, SoCal League student athletes finally made their way out to Keysville to face the most challenging course of the year. Roller coaster single track, steep climbs accented by gusting head winds, and plenty of sand were just a few of the things they faced at last weekend as they dug deep in the heat and dust.

This time around 845 racers crossed the start line, making this Keysville event the largest the league has ever held at the venue.

Cruise the Keys, Keysville, CA. Results HERE

Typically we always see a bit of drop off in event participation by the time we get to race number four.

That was true again this year. However, given that in previous seasons the venue felt quite full, this years’ Keysville event, which topped registration by a few hundred over any other year, felt so packed that it appeared on it’s face to be our busiest race of 2019.

That’s an interesting juxtaposition, our smallest event being our busiest event. The explanation I think, has to do with a lot more than just being in a smaller venue.

Rounding the Bend

Everyone had something going on at Cruise the Keys. As the season presses on we know that competition gets stiffer. What may not be as obvious is that by race number four the feeling has crept in that soon all of the things we love about SoCal League races will come to an abrupt end. At least until next year.

That feeling creates a particular excitement that gets people moving around. It amplifies the vibe and anticipation of an event. Surely for some, Keysville represented an opportunity to finally qualify for a potential spot on the start line at States or to make a move in the series overall standings ahead of Finals.

But look deeper

For many Cruise the Keys was as much about racing as it was about personal goals. That and putting to the test all the skills and fitness they have worked so hard to build this season. We’re sure there were tons of people who were just supremely stoked to get out and ride in a new place. Or perhaps brave the polar plunge with friends down at the swimming hole.

I would wager that the event represented one more opportunity to spend some quality time with the family in a beautiful place. Whatever the reason they all part of what going to a SoCal League event has always been about. And with only one more opportunity in the regular season to have those experiences, I think they were making the most of it at Keysville.

Heck that’s probably the reason that so manly folks could be seen rolling into the venue as early as Wednesday.

Dialing Up the Heat

With only two weeks and one race remaining until the conclusion of the regular season the stoke dial turns to eleven. Time to prepare for Intergalactic Finals at Tehachapi presented by Specailized.

May 18-19: California High School State Championships at Tehachapi

Full information available HERE

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