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3 Things to Try if You’re Suffering From Back Pain
Getting ready for long-distance runs? Like any sport, running can bring on various injuries or pain. Back pain is pretty common with runners. Its solution may be a simple stretch or when the issue is more complex, what’s required is a structural shift. Elijah Rogge of Castro Valley High... Read more
Menlo School-Atherton Track Quintet SportStars of the Week
Alexandra Chan, Lauren Hamilton, Michelle Louie, Kyra Pretre and Charlotte Tomkinson of Menlo School-Atherton — Track Grab SportStars of the Week Title The Menlo-Atherton quintet’s efforts essentially won the Central Coast Section Track and Field Championship, spanning all girls divisions. It was a historic team championship that made Menlo the... Read more
Chinyere Okoro: From Stage To Podium And Back
Amador Valley Sprinter Chinyere Okoro Has A Love For Performance Art — But Has No Time For Drama As She Chases State Gold • For sprinting sensation Chinyere Okoro, her world is a stage. Actually, there are two stages. The first is track and field, where the Amador Valley... Read more
The warm-up is one of the most important components of a successful race and is also one of the most overlooked aspects of pre-race preparation. The warm-up helps prepare you for the physical demands of the race and also improves your muscles’ dynamics so that you are less prone... Read more