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3 Rugby Tips and Videos: Stabilizing Strength Exercises
Rugby Tip of the Month – At Home Strength Exercises I’m extremely grateful for Coach Ed Cosner sharing some Tight 5 wisdom for last month’s segment, but this month I want to show some love to the real work horses around the pitch: numbers 6, 7, 8, 12 and... Read more
Does Athletic IQ Translate to Academic IQ?
LeBron James has an amazing basketball IQ. Does that mean that he is intelligent outside of basketball? Does Athletic IQ translate to academic IQ? My mentor reminds me constantly that truth (athletic IQ does translate to academic IQ) was parallel. He believes that certain principles are universal. For instance,... Read more
Nutritional Keys to Optimal Athletic Performance
These Twins Can Help You Win! Here’s my take on the nutritional key to optimal athletic performance: The One Thing that changes everything is Nutrition. Precise nutrition is the single optimizer of health and performance. We are what we eat! The tough thing is that there are a zillion... Read more