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Can Eating Habits be Affected by Sleep?
Sleep is a crucial part of helping an athlete perform his or her best, wouldn’t you agree? Getting adequate sleep can lead to improvements in speed, accuracy, energy levels, alertness and mood. It can also help you have faster reaction times. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you increase... Read more
How To Use Probiotics To Improve Stomach Heath, Athletic Performance
Gut Check Athletes need guts to be good at their sport, both figuratively and literally. Healthy bacteria in the gut are crucial for an overall healthy body. If our gut isn’t healthy, it can hinder digestion, absorption of nutrients, and proper elimination. It can also significantly affect the immune... Read more
Nutrition’s Clean 15
Have you heard of nutrition’s “Clean 15”? Most athletes know that fruits and vegetables contain key nutrients to help them grow, recover and stay healthy. Produce has a high water content that helps keep athletes hydrated Also many are rich in carbohydrates which are great choices for pre-workout meals,... Read more
Health Advantages and Disadvantages of Milk
When it comes to milk beverages, the choices are more plentiful than ever. Whether you have allergies, intolerances or simply a desire for variety, there’s bound to be a milk product that meets your needs. Each type of milk has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your health, eating habits... Read more
How To Stay Hydrated-Help for Dehydration
How do you Stay Hydrated? Rehydration is even more essential when summer temps soar. Summer break means summer practices under that hot summer sun. Dehydration is a big risk due to these warm weather conditions combined with weekend tournaments or double day workouts. Being dehydrated can result in up... Read more