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Recruiting Assistance | Help Give A Deserving Athlete A Boost
NCVA Teams Up With Next College Student Athlete Services To Offer Coaches A Chance To Nominate Player For Recruiting Assistance Reward • Summer vacation is here, but that doesn’t mean student-athletes should take a break from the athletic recruiting process altogether. In fact, the summer months provide a great... Read more
Virtual Recruiting 101 | NCVA Helps Host Volleyball Recruiting Webinars
Recruiting 101: Advice for all athletes / sports. With Coronavirus Still Impeding The Return Of Competitive Play, NCVA Is Using Webinars To Help Athletes Answer Volleyball Recruiting Questions • Even during normal times, navigating through the volleyball recruiting process is hard enough. So what happens when you add a... Read more
High School Recruiting Help: Assisting Athletes In Taking Their Shot
Many Talented Athletes Sit On The Recruiting Bubble But Still Find A Chance — Thanks To Work Ethic And A Little Bit Of Help • When high school athletes need to seek a scholarship, or are exposed to the recruiting process, a daunting number of factors are often in... Read more