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West Coast Jamboree Scholarship: Tournament Names 2018-19 Winners
Three Players Are Honored In The Third Year Of The West Coast Jamboree Scholarship Program; Tournament Looks To Expand Program In 2019-20 • On July 11, the West Coast Jamboree (a 501c3) girls basketball tournament announced the three 2018 winners of its annual scholarship program. The West Coast Jamboree Scholarship Program... Read more
4 Tips To Secure Most College Rugby Scholarships
It was late December when a student (a senior) told me he wanted to attend USC and play football utilizing Rugby Scholarships. His 1.82 GPA says otherwise. And he wasn’t on the football team. Ever. Not in all four years of high school. Add that he is no taller... Read more
How To Boost Your Child’s Mental Training For Rugby
Blast from the past – here’s a picture of me back in 2002 when I was at the height of my playing career. It was easy to find time to prioritize staying fit as a young adult. I virtually had no other obligations other than work, working out and... Read more