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2019 High School Cycling State Championships
If the photos above don’t tell the story of this years High School Cycling State Championships Race race nothing will! State Championships is an extremely competitive event by nature and given the growth of the two leagues, each having it’s own unique categories and structures, it only gets tougher... Read more
Rounding The Bend: SoCal League Faces Their Most Challenging Course
2019 SoCal Interscholastic Mountain Bike Racing Series ROUND FOUR Rounding the bend on the regular season, SoCal League student athletes finally made their way out to Keysville to face the most challenging course of the year. Roller coaster single track, steep climbs accented by gusting head winds, and plenty of... Read more
Tales from the Dirt Zone SoCal Mountain Bike Racing Series
Tales from the Dirt Zone: Round Two What a weekend at Vail Lake Resort in Temecula, CA! It was round two of the 2019 SoCal Interscholastic Mountain Bike Racing Series at Vail Lake presented by Around the Cycle. The racing season is now careening towards its mid point with only three events... Read more
SoCal Cycling League Share the Ride
SoCal League Executive Director Matt Gunnell wishes you a Happy Holiday. He also wishes you could see the immense joy on his 1200 riders faces when they take on the tracks in his SoCal League interscholastic mountain bike program. The league, organized in 2008 to provide a well-defined race season for... Read more
SoCal Cycling 2017 Season-Ender
Another season in the books for SoCal High School Cycling League SoCal Cycling 2017 Season-Ender means another season is in the books for the High School Cycling League. Last weekend 730 of the best, brightest, and fastest high school and middle school mountain bike racers in the country tackled... Read more