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Fat BurningTrifecta In The Weight Room Fat BurningTrifecta In The Weight Room
Let’s talk about the fat burning trifecta in the weight room! About this time of the year everyone is trying to find a way... Fat BurningTrifecta In The Weight Room

Let’s talk about the fat burning trifecta in the weight room! About this time of the year everyone is trying to find a way to bust their belly fat and trim down. 

The problem is that very few people enjoy steady state cardio like running for miles outside or on a treadmill “” or anything that requires hours of heavy breathing. While that kind of exercise is in fact beneficial to your cardiovascular system, it’s actually not the most effective way to burn body fat. 

You can do a better job of burning body fat faster and more efficiently in the weight room. The reason is because of a fat burning trifecta that your body goes through when you incorporate the right structure to your weight training sessions.

Weight Room Trifecta Phase One

The first concept to understand in the trifecta is that using resistance training draws more energy from your body because you use type II muscle fibers which have a high power output but fatigue fast. This means you have to output more energy to use these fibers. So doing powerful movements, or using strength, activates these fibers. This means you can burn more calories faster this way than just running for miles on end. So the first part of the trifecta is that weighted resistance is an overall better bang-for-your-buck workout choice.


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You can also include cardio work in the weight room by incorporating a few adjustments. Also, you can move the weight faster through the movement while making sure not to sacrifice form. Furthermore, you can use higher reps and lighter weight. You can also reduce the rest time in between sets so your heart rate stays elevated.

Trifecta Phase Two

The second phase of the trifecta is that, having completed a resistance-training workout, you’re going to be sore. Usually this soreness is delayed, which is why it’s called, delayed onset muscle soreness. What then happens inside your body is it begins rebuilding the muscular tissue. This can last for days and allows your body to burn calories for up to 42 hours after the workout. So the second part of the trifecta is the time it takes to recover the muscles you worked out in the weight room.

Weight Room Trifecta Phase Three

Finally, the last part of the trifecta is the result you get from lifting weights and recovering. 

One of the major necessities for burning fat and keeping it off is having a higher resting metabolic rate. This is the rate our “inner furnace” burns at when we’re just sitting still doing nothing. This runs at a higher rate when we have more muscle on our body. So the training you do in the weight room forces your body to adapt to make the weights easier to move because our bodies desire efficiency. The adaptation our body chooses is to increase our lean muscle mass. Increasing our lean mass then increases our resting metabolic rate.

So that’s how it works. Lift weights faster and with less rest. Then rest as hard as you work out so your body can burn calories while recovering. Finally, let your body build the muscle that turns you into a fat-burning machine. 

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Anthony Trucks, NFL professional, American Ninja Warrior, sports trainer

Anthony Trucks

Long-time SportStars INSIDER, Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player, American Ninja Warrior, coach, consultant, author, speaker, husband, and father of 3 incredible kids.

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