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2018 High School Football Preview: Christmas in August

2018 High School Football

Welcome to the 2018 football season. And since I’m technically typing this in July, things feel weird.

This year’s mid-August start is new for everyone, and it’s been adjustment for all. Not just overworked editors grumbling about how their summer has never been shorter.

In all honestly, it’s hard to complain too much. Because after all, we are talking football. And the thought of 8 p.m. sunset kickoffs, the wafting smell of tri-tip from behind the snack bar and the sounds of a raucous pep band? Well, let’s just say we’re fine with football whenever it wants to arrive.

For you, trusted reader, it arrives today.

2018 High School Football Preview:

I’m thrilled to introduce our ninth Football Preview special edition, and our widest circulated one to date. This is the first preview we’ve compiled since making our distribution deal with the San Francisco Chronicle, and thus we were able to create two editions for insertion in the Bay Area and Sac-Joaquin regions. At 32 pages each, these are also the biggest issues we’ve circulated in the Chronicle so far.

And in addition to the two print versions, we’ve also published an expanded NorCal Preview edition at That not only includes all content from both printed editions, but also two additional features and various other packages to highlight players and teams throughout NorCal.

So, I’m going to gladly get out of the way and encourage you to dig in. Football is back and we’re ready, if you’re ready.

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