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Good Eats: Sports Diet and Exercise
Determining meals before and after exercise Before or after exercising, think twice about what you put in your body. Depending on your workout and intensity level, different exercises require varying methods of refueling. Roberta Anding, registered dietitian, sports dietitian and assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor College of... Read more
World Series Keep You From a Good Night’s Sleep?
In the wake of this years’ World Series, late nights watching the big game on TV or at the stadium are inevitable. As we closed in on the final games of the World Series, a sleep expert at the Baylor College of Medicine asked, are there ways to feel... Read more
Helpful Expert Advice To Preventing Major Rugby Injuries
When it comes to rugby injuries, education and preparation are the keys to prevention. Dr. Jason Ahuero, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, breaks down the sport’s potential injuries and ways to preventing major rugby injuries. “Rugby is the fastest growing youth sport in the United States. So... Read more