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Bryson’s First Pitch: Resorting To Imagination
Bryson’s First Pitch July 2020: The sports dimmer switch is dialed all the way up. Just when we thought we were out, it pulled us back in. As coronavirus cases rise throughout the state, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom scales back that sports “dimmer switch”, the July 20 target... Read more
Bryce Monroe | Fan Choice NorCal Boys Hoops Player Of The Year
After Storming The SportStars Fan Poll Through The Write-In Process, Riordan Senior Bryce Monroe Gained Over 23,000 Votes • Bryce Monroe has proven himself a player of many skills over the past two seasons at Archbishop Riordan in San Francisco. The lightning-quick, 5-11 guard can play at a breakneck... Read more
First Pitch: CIF on High School Sports Officials
First Pitch: Black & White Issue On Jan. 11, the California Interscholastic Federation released an op-ed about high school sports officials. It was emailed to the various media outlets throughout the state which still cover high school sports. (It’s not as big a list as it used to be).... Read more
Football 2018: National Defense
Defense Wins Championships — And In The Bay Area Particularly This Season — It Will Be Leading To Major Scholarships As Well • It wasn’t very long ago that every football recruiting reporter in the country had to keep his or her eyes and ears focused on the Bay... Read more
2018 High School Football Preview: Christmas in August
Welcome to the 2018 football season. And since I’m technically typing this in July, things feel weird. This year’s mid-August start is new for everyone, and it’s been adjustment for all. Not just overworked editors grumbling about how their summer has never been shorter. In all honestly, it’s hard... Read more
East Bay Equestrian Team Rides High At Nationals
Not Horsing Around Equestrian riding might not to be among the first sports to come to mind when it comes to middle or high school interscholastic competition. But it is alive and well. And there’s an East Bay equestrian team that’s getting awfully good at it. Team KMT, run by... Read more
Rugby: A Game Of Its Own
Coaches Of Fabled Sport Contrast Rugby With Football When people think of rugby, the first thing that usually comes to mind is football without the pads. While yes, rugby players do not wear pads, the ins and outs of the games are vastly different, while keeping some of the... Read more
NorCal Preseason #11: Freedom
We begin our 2017 Football coverage by revealing teams #20-11 in our NorCal Preseason Top 20 in a daily countdown to Aug. 24 when #10-1 are revealed in our 2017 Football Preview Special. If you need to catchup, here are links to previous entries: | No. 20 Foothill (Aug.... Read more
For Our Friend
Putting together our Yearbook retrospective is always refreshing. To be honest, we may enjoy going back through our year’s worth of coverage as much as you enjoy thumbing through it once we’re done. Nothing but fun memories and good honest feels. As it should be. The stars of all... Read more
Najee Harris: A Panther of the People
Football 2016: Selfless, Motivated and Immensely Talented, The Nation’s Top Football Recruit Plots A Championship Finish. There’s something about Najee Harris that immediately puts a person at ease. It’s one part his easy-going grin, one part the way he carries himself and one part the way he makes a... Read more
Las Lomas wrestling closed off a relentless six-week run with six Top-5 finishers at NCS Read more
Indomitable San Ramon
Unshakable belief between coach, players and community led San Ramon Valley to its first state title Read more