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What Can You Do For Healthier Happier Feet?
Discover the Arches of Your Feet You’re healthy, you feel good, you’re strong. So what can you do to optimize your health and performance? Check the arches of your feet. Feet are the most forgotten part of our bodies, but if our feet aren’t happy, our body isn’t happy.... Read more
Nutritional Keys to Optimal Athletic Performance
These Twins Can Help You Win! Here’s my take on the nutritional key to optimal athletic performance: The One Thing that changes everything is Nutrition. Precise nutrition is the single optimizer of health and performance. We are what we eat! The tough thing is that there are a zillion... Read more
3 Things to Try if You’re Suffering From Back Pain
Getting ready for long-distance runs? Like any sport, running can bring on various injuries or pain. Back pain is pretty common with runners. Its solution may be a simple stretch or when the issue is more complex, what’s required is a structural shift. Elijah Rogge of Castro Valley High... Read more
The 3 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Low Back Pain
Back Pain Ends with this Defensive End Back pain is the most common reason for doctor visits and athletes are even more susceptible. Bishop O’Dowd’s 2020 tight end/defensive end, Colton Vardell, who has had recent offers by the New Mexico Lobos and USD, knows the short term benefits and... Read more
5 Innovative Ideas for Peak Performance and Superior Athletic Function
Go Paleo, do Crossfit or hit the weights. Eat organic veggies and clean meat, don’t miss practice, get rest, then run it back again. This is a popular formula for today’s athletes. But staying healthy and rising to the top demands more depth than that. Here are 5 Innovative... Read more
3 Things to Know to Outperform Your Competition
The grind is real. When you’re training to compete your competition is training to win. Train to win, play to win, and implement recovery to top off your game and help you build deeper capacity for performance. Too many athletes overly focus on the active aspects of training. They... Read more