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Lindsey Berg Benchmarks For Good Volleyball Setting Touch
The younger you start to refine your setting touch, the better chance you have of being really good at it when you get older. Reps, reps and more reps are the key. As you work on your touch, here are 4 benchmarks for good setting touch to gauge your... Read more
Lindsey Berg’s Volleyball Drills to Improve “Touch”
Hi y’all. Last blog I talked about keys to accurate setting, using what I call the “W” hand positioning. You can find that post here. Today I want to share with you two drills to improve touch; Catch and Toss and Floor Sets. Lets dive right in. TWO DRILLS... Read more
Lindsey Berg’s Volleyball Keys to More Accurate Setting Using the “W”
Hi there, Lindsey Berg again imparting strategy from my “Short Setters Handbook”! In my last volleyball tips for setters blog post we discussed setting “touch”. Your ability to have a good feel for the ball. It’s a very important part of delivering what your hitters need. A good feel helps... Read more
Lindsey Berg Volleyball Tips for Setters
SETTING TOUCH Hi all, Lindsey Berg here again! In my last volleyball tips for setters blog post we discussed volleyball footwork and how proper footwork can assuage a number of passing errors. Today I want to help you get a feel for the ball. You see, your ability to have a... Read more
Volleyball Footwork: Lets Take the Next Step Together
Hi all, Lindsey Berg here! In my last blog we dove into the importance of proper volleyball footwork. Like in all sport, footwork leads to efficiency and effectiveness. You can say, it’s a critical first step toward mastering your position. As I mentioned last time, to be efficient means... Read more
Lindsey Berg: Volleyball Footwork Makes Perfect Passes
Olympian Volleyball player Lindsey Berg espouses one thing that she thinks all might agree on in the volleyball footwork world. That a shorter/smaller setter will make faster moves to the ball. She’s been addressing these and other skill sets specific to small setters in her recent blog posts, like... Read more
Volleyball Blocking Techniques- What works for you?
In my last blog post, I covered 3 Weapons For Effective Blocking. We detailed our way through “soft blocking”, “swing blocking” and “the joust”. Each have to do with hand positioning and making sure your hands are as big as you can make them appear to be. Now, lets... Read more
Lindsey Berg: 3 Weapons for Effective Blocking
Hi volleyball friends. Lets pick up where we left off in my last blog. We are discussing weapons for small blockers. This post covers hand positioning! These are my 3 Weapons For Effective Blocking. Lets dig in. For smaller blockers, it’s very important to be disciplined so the defense... Read more
Volleyball Insider: Weapons For Small Blockers
Continued from 3-time Olympic Volleyball, Lindsey Berg “Short Setter’s Handbook” series. We were playing in the FIVB’s Grand Prix tournament against Italy. I had competed against the Italians for many years and also alongside a few of them as teammates on foreign club teams. Throughout my professional career, the Italians always tried to... Read more
How to Perfect Connecting With The Middle in Volleyball
Olympian Lindsey Berg Tells How to Perfect Connecting With The Middle as a Setter in Volleyball Connecting with a middle attacker is one of the harder skills to perfect in volleyball. For the setter to put the ball in the right place every time with ease, the timing of the middle attacker... Read more
Be the Best Setter in Volleyball
Being the Best Setter in Volleyball Means Knowing the Game Have you ever thought about how many points are lost during the course of a season because someone on your team didn’t know that the opposing setter was in the front row? It’s the setter’s job to make sure... Read more
Improving Your Skills as a Short Setter
Obviously, there are many, many skills that setters need to have, and my goal here is not to give you a comprehensive list of every one of them. Instead, I’d like to cover some of the skills that you have the ability to work on by yourself. Improving your... Read more