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3 Things to Try if You’re Suffering From Back Pain
Getting ready for long-distance runs? Like any sport, running can bring on various injuries or pain. Back pain is pretty common with runners. Its solution may be a simple stretch or when the issue is more complex, what’s required is a structural shift. Elijah Rogge of Castro Valley High... Read more
Granite Bay Triathlon Turning 21 In August
Tri, Tri Again! If you know about triathlon, that headline will resonate! It takes a lot of training, skill and mental toughness to race in a Tri, none the least this one. The Granite Bay Triathlon! On Saturday, Aug. 25, Total Body Fitness Racing will host one of their biggest... Read more
Cali Cyclists Nab NICA Awards Honors
As NICA honors its outstanding participants and contributors from 2016, and 30 individuals are honored for contributions to interscholastic cycling across the country, California shines as students and supporters grab their share of the honor roll. The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) selected thirty individuals to be recognized across eleven categories... Read more