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Can Little League Shoulder and Elbow Hurt Your Pitch?
How Pitcher’s Shoulder and Elbow Hurt Arm/Shoulder Care | Dr. Mo Mortazavi    Baseball throwing injuries in young athletes are one of the most common pediatric overuse injuries. Consequently,  30 to 50 percent of all youth baseball players suffering from this in their career. The incidence continues to rise... Read more
Give Concussions A Rest
Concussions -Just like a sprained ankle, an injured brain needs cognitive rest too. Concussions | Matthew Pecci, MD    A period of rest from physical activity  usually aids in the recovery from a concussion. The reason why is unknown. Many believe that brain recovery requires some degree of energy... Read more
Know Exactly What Mental Skills are and How Are They Taught!
When potential clients walk in my office they usually have some sense that mental performance is important, but they don’t often know exactly what mental skills are or how they are taught.  “Is it therapy?,” they might ask. “Will I (or my child) be “˜psycho-analyzed?'”  While mental training has... Read more
Nutrition | Dr. Mo    We have all seen the explosion of energy drinks in the last decade. With many new brand names such as Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster becoming common fixtures at the grocery store, are they all the same? Use of energy drinks has also... Read more
Is Asthma Triggered by Exercise?
Every Breath You Take  Is there a form of asthma triggered by exercise? Yep. Here’s what you need to know Many athletes who think they are out of shape, may, in fact, be suffering from symptoms of exercise induced bronchospasm (EIB). EIB, which occurs in 10 to 20 percent... Read more
Multi-Sport Athletes: To Specialize or Not
Multi-Sport Athletes: To Specialize or Not Dr. Nirav K. Pandya    With an increasing emphasis in high school athletics on obtaining a scholarship, there has been a rapid decline in multi-sport athletes.    I have seen an increasing number of patients specializing at a young age with a concurrent... Read more
Sprain or Strain?
Sprain or Strain Injuries| Hunter Greene, M.D.    Whether you twist your ankle on the field or hurt your back in the weight room, you probably don’t care whether you call it a sprain or a strain. It just hurts. But there is a difference between the two. The... Read more
Kinesio Taping-elastic therapeutic tape
Kinesio Taping- The Healing Tape: Is There Such a Thing?    Kinesio taping, also known as elastic therapeutic tape, looks and feels like an ace bandage. But it is a much thinner cotton tape that is able stretch up to 140 percent of its original length. Kenesio tape works... Read more
Building Confidence: Invest In Yourself
   Building confidence is a lot like building revenue, and there’s more than one source of income. Get Mental : Erika Carlson    Confidence is an athlete’s belief about their ability to succeed in their sport. Getting off to a confident start in preseason can make all the difference. ... Read more
Two Ways to Improving Aerobic Base
Boosting the Aerobic Base Training Time : Tim Rudd of IYCA    Today I’m going to share two powerful strategies for improving your athlete’s aerobic base. These are just two of many strategies and one piece of the conditioning puzzle for improving your athletes on-field performance.   Also, I highly... Read more
Preventing Stress Fractures in the Foot
When the Foot Hits the Ground- Recognizing and Preventing Stress Fractures in the Foot HEALTH WATCH : Suzanne Becker    Just like a car, the human body has a spring-loaded shock absorbing mechanism built into the foot to disperse force. The human foot has 33 joints that allow 26... Read more
Lift To Last: Strength Training Around the World
Strength training around the World. I recently made a trip to Russia, where I spent seven hours teaching at a huge fitness convention in Moscow. While there, I met trainers from several countries and learned a great deal about strength training and its uses around the world.  One thing... Read more