4 Tips To Secure Most College Rugby Scholarships
It was late December when a student (a senior) told me he wanted to attend USC and play football utilizing Rugby Scholarships. His 1.82 GPA says otherwise. And he wasn’t on the football team. Ever. Not in all four years of high school. Add that he is no taller... Read more
How To Boost Your Child’s Mental Training For Rugby
Blast from the past – here’s a picture of me back in 2002 when I was at the height of my playing career. It was easy to find time to prioritize staying fit as a young adult. I virtually had no other obligations other than work, working out and... Read more
Girl Ruggers Peaking on the College Pitch
Play Rugby: If you already play rugby, you might be on your way to college competition. But if you’re not playing yet, you just might want to start, and a good place to do that is right here — Rugby NorCal. RNC is the governing body in Northern California,... Read more
Helpful Expert Advice To Preventing Major Rugby Injuries
When it comes to rugby injuries, education and preparation are the keys to prevention. Dr. Jason Ahuero, assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, breaks down the sport’s potential injuries and ways to preventing major rugby injuries. “Rugby is the fastest growing youth sport in the United States. So... Read more
Only The Strong Survive
Photo Above: Members of Jesuit and McClatchy varsity boys engage in a scrum during a Saturday match High school rugby season is officially underway. The Sacramento Valley Rugby Foundation hosted the 34th Annual Kick Off Tournament at Cordova High School on Jan. 27-28. The tournament features girls and boys... Read more
Does Position Specialization Increase Your College Recruiting Potential?
This month kicks off with a webinar hosted by Rugby New Jersey on Feb 7 designed to help student athletes and parents know how to best prepare for the annual College Rugby Fair & Combine on February 25, 2018. Everyone is welcome to join us! During the coaches’ panel last... Read more
Win Rugby’s Ultimate Fantasy Camp
SportStars To Help a Player and Coach Attend New Zealand Development Camps The New Zealand All Blacks are arguably the most recognized rugby team in the world. The All Blacks 7’s, the New Zealand Women’s 7’s and the Bay of Plenty Steamers Rugby team our all headquartered in Mount Maunganui, New... Read more
Bigger and Bigger
Sacramento Area Set For Massive Rugby Tournament What started back in 1983 as a humble preseason scrimmage between seven fledgling Sacramento Valley high school rugby clubs, has developed into the largest youth and high school rugby tournament in the Western Hemisphere (at least as far as we can tell).... Read more
Win a trip to New Zealand’s Finest Development Camp!
Enter Here! Win a trip to New Zealand’s Finest Development Camp Live The Dream in New Zealand while you take your skills to the next level. PLAYERS and COACHES – there’s a FREE CAMP awaiting EACH of you! Enter Today!  Sponsored by SportStars Media Player and Coach Development Camps produced... Read more
Becoming a Rugby Referee Can Help You Get Into College!
You heard it here first – Knowing Rugby Laws and Becoming a Rugby Referee Can Help Get You Into College! Colleges value students who are involved in activities outside of school, and they are not only looking for participation, they are looking for Leadership.  As a result, rugby refereeing... Read more
Rugby is Religion in New Zealand
Train, Sleep, Eat, REPEAT! LIVIN’ THE DREAM @ Inside Running Academy. Story Mike Rogers and The Rugger’s Edge “The thing that really blew me away when first arriving in New Zealand was that rugby is more than a game here, it is more than a passion or a past-time. I... Read more
How to Find Balance as a Student Athlete
It can be hard to find balance as a student and as an athlete. In the last month, I have had more meetings with students on weeknights (as late as 9 pm in some cases) and weekends. This is because the student simply has no other time to squeeze... Read more