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Cheer Gets Competitive Nod from CIF

California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) recognized Cheerleading as a competitive high school sport

Recently, the California Interscholastic Federation recognized Cheerleading as a competitive high school sport. Now that might draw the ire of many cheer athletes and their families who have lived and competed in Cheer for years, and likely felt left out of any official designation at times. But lets focus on the positive. Cheer is here. Finally. Officially recognized by CIF and now, a regular part of high school sports competition.

And that’s a very good thing!

Over the last few years, we have had the opportunity to meet and work with many cheer squads, coaches and club teams. Most recently we have had the pleasure of enjoying the acrobatics of the Sacramento Sirens Cheer Elite team at our SportsJams where we became fast friends with coach, Danielle Davis.

Dani reached out to SportStars to share her excitement. Davis doubles as the cheer coach at McClatchy High in Sacramento, so we listened!

We’ll be doing a story on Cheer’s official recognition as a competitive sport by CIF soon. (It’s here now)

Meanwhile, here are some of SportStars cheer contacts.


Sacramento Sirens Cheer Elite, Mather (Rancho Cordova)- (SportStars Fan Favorites)

Cheergyms in Concord, CA. – (Writers notes: Morton and Danny display a fabulous energy)

East Bay Sports Academy, Concord – (under founder, Katie Chatterton the gym was filled with energy and excitement. More recent ownership changes brought an additional layer of professionalism and structure)

Velocity Cheer Gym, Antioch

Nor Cal Elite All-Stars, San Jose

CheerXperience, Rancho Cordova-  (Another wonderful SportsJam event partner)

California Spirit Elite, Dublin

Note: Many Jr. football and AAU basketball organizations include cheer in their programs. A great place to start out and experience the excitement of game-time cheer!

Official CIF resources regarding Cheer as a competitive sport:

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