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USATF Hershey National Youth Indoor Championships

Hershey Youth Indoor Nationals Finals

Courtesy USATF

Youth show off their talents on day two of the 2019 USATF Hershey National Youth Indoor Championships at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex on Saturday. Day two came to a close with 61 finals contested.

Complete results can be found here.

Once again Da’mira Allen (Chester Cheetahs) stole the show at Ocean Breeze. Allen won 9-10 age group titles in the 400, 800m and 1500m and is on track to accomplish the feat again this year in the 11-12 age group. Saturday she won the 800m in 2:22.42 and the 1500m 4:52.93.

In a dramatic 8 & Under boys division 800m, Markell Houston (Unattached) outleaned Alexander Riley (Vo2Max Track Club) at the line to win the title. Houston clocked 2:46.32 with Riley crossing the line in 2:46.86. Julian Johnson (Flying Dragons) finished third with a time of 2:53.76.

Infinity Track Club swept the 800m Boys 9-10 division with Kaleb Young taking the title in 2:28.65. Shymir Bevins and Isaiah Bland battled down the homestretch and crossed the line in 2:35.02 and 2:35.77, respectively.

In another exciting photo finish, Run U Xpress’ s Cassidee Fraser, Shari Jackson, Olivia Dubose-Odell and Taylor Mcleod clocked 2:04.39 to win the 4×200 Meter Relay 9-10 girls division.

Tri-State Elite Track Club comprised of Maya Bolden, Ave’onnah Mendez, Erin Scott and Yasmin Willie finished in 2:04.40 with Velocity Track’s Shyenne Blake, Hannah Deflorimonte, Ryan Joseph, Laylin Strachn finishing third in 2:04.74

The third and final day of competition gets underway Sunday at 9:00 a.m. ET and will be broadcast live on USATF.TV +PLUS. Fans can follow along at #USATFutureStars on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

USATF.TV+ Broadcast Schedule

Sunday 9:00 a.m. ET

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Tickets are available onsite for $10. There is a $30 minimum for debit and credit cards.

2019 USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships – Day 2

(Top 3 finishers; Age-group champion in bold)

800 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Girls

Brisce McAuliffe (Westchester), 3:00.22

Abigail Wagner (Southern Tier Soar), 3:03.20

Laila Goodman (Litchfield Track), 3:08.93

800 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Boys

Markell Houston (Unattached), 2:46.32

Alexander Riley (Vo2Max Track Club), 2:46.86

Julian Johnson (Flying Dragons), 2:53.76

800 Meter Run 9-10 Division Girls

Paige Sheppard (Speed Skills), 2:31.35

Kylie Comas (New York Novas), 2:36.97

Nariah Harley (Camden Track Club), 2:39.12

800 Meter Run 9-10 Division Boys

Kaleb Young (Infinity Track Club), 2:28.65

Shymir Bevins (Infinity Track Club), 2:35.02

Isaiah Bland (Infinity Track Club), 2:35.77

800 Meter Run 11-12 Division Girls

Da’mira Allen (Chester Cheetah), 2:22.42

Brianna Lindo (New York Novas TC), 2:26.68

Payton Drumwright (Unattached), 2:27.28

800 Meter Run 11-12 Division Boys

Ethan Long (i5 Elite), 2:22.45

Dhakir Brinkley (Unattached), 2:23.85

D’Angelo Brown (Prospect Park), 2:25.55

800 Meter Run 13-14 Division Girls

Sophia Gorriaran (Providence Cobras), 2:12.17

Anissa Moore (Moore Accele), 2:21.83

Samantha Kavanagh (Run U Xpress), 2:21.99

800 Meter Run 13-14 Division Boys

Nathan Cumberbatch (Unattached), 2:04.38

Reese Vannerson (Unattached), 2:06.41

Jelani Johnson (Metro Eagles), 2:08.60

800 Meter Run 15-16 Division Girls

Miracle Price (Infinity Track Club), 2:16.58

Amirah Sharpe (Sharpe Athletics), 2:21.76

Maisha Atkinson (Fast Lane TC), 2:23.69

800 Meter Run 15-16 Division Boys

Adonis Garcia (Unattached), 2:01.19

Shoeb Emon (HS of Teleco), 2:01.29

Colman Shaver (Chelsea Greyhounds), 2:03.14

800 Meter Run 17-18 Division Girls

Liah Collins (Texas Runners Elite), 2:14.91

Kailee Perry (Team Kentucky Elite), 2:15.23

Lailah White (New Horizon Track), 2:17.97

800 Meter Run 17-18 Division Boys

Ethan Carney (Unattached), 1:57.78

Roniel Mata (Providence Cobras), 1:58.12

Ianique Imboque (Providence Cobras), 1:58.60

1500 Meter Race Walk 9-10 Division Boys

Nathaniel Samson (Vo2max Track Club), 10:47.15

1500 Meter Race Walk 11-12 Division Girls

Aoi Barnes (Fairfax Poli), 9:27.06

Jaycie Flood (Aoc Ambler TC), 9:33.10

Kolby Moody (Delta Speed), 10:13.30

1500 Meter Race Walk 11-12 Division Boys

Kyle Velasco (Peninsula Flyers) 10:22.82

4×200 Meter Relay 8 & Under Division Girls

Panthers Track Club: Kiersten Haggins, Isabella Haggins, ZaVera Greenidge-Evelyn, Dannielle Barnes – 2:34.13

Speed Skills: Allaura Wilson, Kelly McCabe, Amani Onque-Shabazz, Lianna Benoit – 2:37.23

Ocean Breeze Wave Runners: Riley Sterling-Duncan, Genevieve Panteleo, Zaria Lapointe, Alyssa Howley – 2:41.43

4×200 Meter Relay 8 & Under Division Boys

Run U Xpress: Vernon Fraser Jr, Bershawn Jackson Jr, Jayden Del-Rosario, Ashton Yelverton – 2:11.63

Ocean Breeze Wave Runners: Peter Trapani Jr., Brody Lucci, Borntrue Boatwright, Stephen Baron-Williams – 2:21.77

Jersey City Rec. Panthers: Michael-elias Allen, Lucas Altino, Tien Barzey, Jayden Johnson

4×200 Meter Relay 9-10 Division Girls

Run U Xpress: Cassidee Fraser, Shari Jackson, Olivia Dubose-Odell, Taylor Mcleod – 2:04.39

Tri-State Elite TC: Maya Bolden, Ave’onnah Mendez, Erin Scott, Yasmin Willie – 2:04.40

Velocity Track: Shyenne Blake, Hannah Deflorimonte, Ryann Joseph, Laylin Strachn – 2:04.74

4×200 Meter Relay 9-10 Division Boys

Metropolis: Faris Dawes, Jayden Taylor, Jamir Crichlow, Jayden Crichlow – 1:58.55

Central CT Jaguars: Ethan Cephas, Breydon Evans, Justin Marshall Jr. Jayden Duffus

Delaware Elite TC: Donald Carter, Xavier Twyman, Kingston Sampson, Chase Davis – 2:05.49

4×200 Meter Relay 11-12 Division Girls

Flying Dragons: Synarea Reece, Trinitee Williams, Madison Evans, Kyaliah Davis – 1:47.48

V-Tesse Track Club: Sariah Doresca, Jahzara Emeli, Breanne Barnett, Jillian Rickford – 1:50.41

New York Nova TC: Leniua Ruff, Kaela Swift, Brianna Lindo, Kamilah Alabi – 1:51.85

4×200 Meter Relay 11-12 Division Boys

Imani Speedcity Compton: Julius Johnson, Darieon Shufford, Brenton Smith, Landon White – 1:53.58

Capital City TC: Amir Walker, Lathan Ajegba, Christopher Byrce, Chidi Moemeka – 1:54.51

Prospect Park: Zion James, Caylan George, Cameron Scott, Dante Ballou – 1:58.48

4×200 Meter Relay 13-14 Division Girls

Down South Xtreme: Courtney Green, Somiyah Braggs, Damaria Green, Cynteria James – 1:42.66

Runn U Xpress: Oteria Dubose, Samatha Kavanagh, Ar Briel Scott, Shawnti Jackson

The Sprint Club: Jalaia Creary, Myla Greene, Alyssa Harrod, Angel Imani-Wilson

4×200 Meter Relay 13-14 Division Boys

Metro Eagles: Ayron Thomas, Aaron Brown, Brandon Simpson, Wesley Noble Jr. – 1:35.90

Camden TC: Kahlil Ali, Premier Wynn, Lathan Brown III, Bryce Tucker – 1:36.19

Greater Houston Track: Zion Brown, Eric Nelson, Michael Patterson, Camraun Ratliff – 1:37.93

4×200 Meter Relay 15-18 Girls

Metropolis: Mia Dansby, Samirah Moody, Jayda Dillon, Peyton Rollins – 1:41.51

Harlem Children’s Zone: Kaitlyn Cepeda, Nefertiti Underwood, Kadija Soumaoro, Khadijah Lynch – 1:42.96

DC United Youth: Essosolim Bislao, Melady Brown, Janee Burley, Ahmya Mckeithan

4×200 Meter Relay 15-18 Boys

Greater Houston Track: Micah Bell, Khalil Hager, Alvin Martin, Garfield Stanley – 1:29.84

Delaware Elite TC: Zion Glover, Keshawn Dennis, Jayvion Landry, Raymond Nyameke – 1:31.37

Aoc Ambler TC: Caleb Bunch, Jadenn Price, Ty-rese Reid, Vance Thorpe – 1:34.31

4×200 Meter Relay High School Girls

Classical: Chelsea Garcia Baez, Baby Girl Tarley, Jacqueline Edoro, Deijah Prak-preaster – 1:53.35

1500 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Girls

Brisce McAuliffe (Westchester), 6:08.07

Laila Goodman (Litchfield Track), 6:12.38

Sakinnah Wajid (Vo2max Track Club), 6:14.07

1500 Meter Run 8 & Under Division Boys

Alexander Riley (Vo2max Track Club), 5:38.15

Markell Houston (Unattached), 5:40.05

Braeden Hall (Explosion Track), 5:55.82

1500 Meter Run 9-10 Division Girls

Paige Sheppard (Speed Skills), 5:06.08

Ava Johnson (Unattached), 5:15.11

Neenah Trusty (Infinity Track), 5:17.67

1500 Meter Run 9-10 Division Boys

Kaleb Young (Infinity Track), 5:01.73

Wilem Wikstrom (Chelsea Greyhounds), 5:05.46

Marshall Brown (Tailwind), 5:05.97

1500 Meter Run 11-12 Division Girls

Da’mira Allen (Chester Cheetahs), 4:52.93

Sahar Victoria (The Camp), 4:56.97

Payton Drumwright (Unattached), 4:58.98

1500 Meter Run 11-12 Division Boys

Tamrat Gavenas (Chelsea Greyhounds), 4:48.57

Dhakir Brinkley (Unattached), 4:56.19

Jaxyn Mahoney (Southern Tier Soar), 4:56.79

1500 Meter Run 13-14 Division Girls

Sophia Gorriaran (Providence Cobras), 4:42.57

Clara James-Heer (Ann Arbor Track), 4:47.64

Sophia Holgado (Delaware Eli), 4:53.64

1500 Meter Run 13-14 Division Boys

Reese Vannerson (Unattached), 4:20.66

Tyler Dailey (Unattached), 4:23.54

Nathan Lopez (Haverhill El), 4:27.79

1500 Meter Run 15-16 Division Girls

Lauryn Heskin (Tsc Track Club), 4:44.92

Miracle Price (Infinity Track), 4:59.70

Simone Isip (Prospect Par), 5:02.54

1500 Meter Run 15-16 Division Boys

Getachew Hayes (Unattached), 4:19.29

Dawson Welch (Triple Threat), 4:19.76

Noah Mcmurtrey (Triple Threat),4:20.16

1500 Meter Run 17-18 Division Girls

Kailee Perry (Team Kentucky Elite), 4:49.72

Lily Janjigian (White Plains), 4:51.84

Alyssa Walker (Unattached), 4:52.51

1500 Meter Run 17-18 Division Boys

Be Bekele-Arcuri (Unattached), 4:07.15

Zachary Gauronski (Maximum Velocity), 4:09.75

Bryce Thalheimer (Manhasset TC), 4:14.51

Long Jump 8 & Under Division Girls

Alaiyah Choice (Legions of Zoon TC), 3.50m/11-05.75

Jenna Swick (Maximum Velo), 3.15m/10-04.00

Nyema Harvey (Unattached), 3.13m/10-03.25

Long Jump 8 & Under Division Boys

Julian Smith Jr (Unattached), 3.73m/12-03.00

DeAndre James (Flying Dragons), 3.67m/12-00.50

Jadon Ashmeade (Lightning St), 3.62m/11-10.50

Pole Vault 13-14 Division Girls

Megan Kelleghan (Above The Bar Track), 2.95m/9-08.00

Kourtney Rathke (Above The Bar Track), 2.95m/9-08.00

Melia Couchman (Unattached), 2.80m/9-02.25

Weight Throw 15-16 Division Girls

Alladio Zacpal (Unattached), 11.39m/37-04.50

Serena Lalli (Unattached), 11.19m/36-08.50

Gabrielle Riley (Vo2max Track Club), 9.50m/31-02.00

Shot Put 9-10 Division Girls

Kyana Thompson (Team Blackout), 6.50m/21-04.00

Emilis Flores (Notre Dame Track), 5.92m/19-05.25

Maliya Gomez (Full Speed), 5.90m/19-04.25

Shot Put 9-10 Division Boys

Donjero McKoy Jr (Lion Power), 7.66m/25-01.75

Joseph Calabrese (Ocean Breeze), 6.87m/22-06.50

Arthur Jones (Ebenezer A.M), 6.82m/22-04.50

Weight Throw 17-18 Division Girls

Cheyenn Figueroa (Unattached), 17.38m/57-00.25

Sarah Ortes (Unattached), 15.05m/49-04.50

Amba Nunez Gomez (Unattached), 14.82m/48-07.50

Pole Vault 15-16 Division Girls

Allison Neiders (Northwest), 3.40m/11-01.75

Anjali Mead (Unattached), J3.40m/11-01.75

Tiana Snyder (Patriot Pole Vault), 2.80m/9-02.25

Long Jump 11-12 Division Girls

Rhianna Scott (Jaguar Track), 4.72m/15-06.00

Kiara Davis (Delaware Elite), 4.71m/15-05.50

Taylor Aska (Jaguar Track), 4.61m/15-01.50

Long Jump 11-12 Division Boys

Carson Edwards (Full Speed), 5.17m/16-11.50

Rhoan Kaulder II (Maximum Velocity), 5.13m/16-10.00

Noah Cooper (Pure Accelerator), 4.83m/15-10.25

Pole Vault 17-18 Division Girls

Leah Pasqualetti (Unattached), 4.00m/13-01.50

Allison Riches (Unattached), 3.25m/10-08.00

Quartnei Brown (Team VA), 3.25m/10-08.00

Shot Put 11-12 Division Girls

Saige Nicholson (Hackensack J), 9.92m/32-06.50

Cyan Scott (Haverhill El), 8.99m/29-06.00

Ava Sarver (Haverhill El), 8.18m/26-10.00

Long Jump 15-16 Division Girls

Tierra Hooker (Camden Track Club), 5.48m/17-11.75

Jada Smith (Fast Lane TC), 5.20m/17-00.75

Kaya Freeman (Elite Performance), 5.15m/16-10.75

Long Jump 15-16 Division Boys

Jaden Price (Aoc Ambler Track), 7.02m/23-00.50

Jordin Jones (Infinity Track), 6.53m/21-05.25

Tyler Rossi (Hershey Blaze), 6.22m/20-05.00

Weight Throw 15-16 Division Boys

Tarik O’Hagan (Ocean State), 17.42m/57-02.00

Michael Pinckney (Eclipse Track), 17.37m/57-00.00

Andrew Paolozzi (Throw 1 Deep), 17.28m/56-08.50

High Jump 11-12 Division Girls

Ma’syiah Brawner (Millville Track), 1.40m/4-07.00

Kiara Davis (Delaware Elite), 1.40m/4-07.00

Ariana Hernandez (Delaware Elite), 1.40m/4-07.00

Long Jump 13-14 Division Boys

Dustin Fillmore (Unattached), 5.94m/19-06.00

Amari Burke (Delaware Elite), 5.86m/19-02.75

Reece Grosserode (Lincoln Comm), 5.61m/18-05.00

High Jump 11-12 Division Boys

Nathanie Johnson (Notre Dame Track), 1.53m/5-00.25

Josiah Teasley (Full Speed), 1.45m/4-09.00

Kyle Velasco (Peninsula Flyers), 1.40m/4-07.00

Shot Put 13-14 Division Girls

Sytieia Brown (Baltimore), 12.57m/41-03.00

Mickenzie Coles (Ocean State), 12.06m/39-07.00

Shalis Robertson (Connecticut), 11.89m/39-00.25

Shot Put 11-12 Division Boys

Jalynn Fillmore (Unattached), 9.77m/32-00.75

Vince Rapacciuolo (Ocean Breeze), 9.28m/30-05.50

Ethan Graham (Unattached), 9.20m/30-02.25

Weight Throw 17-18 Division Boys

Jacob Furland, (Unattached), 22.04m/72-03.75

Kyle Moison (Unattached), 21.80m/71-06.25

Justyn Loper (Peach State) 21.64m/71-00.00

2019 USATF Hershey Youth Indoor Championships – Day 1

(Top 3 finishers; Age-group champion in bold)

3000 Meter Run 11-12 Division Girls:

Sahar Victoria (The Camp), 10:30.76

Taylin Bowen (Unattached), 10:43.26

Jessica Abbott (Shore Athletic), 10:44.11

3000 Meter Run 11-12 Division Boys

Tamrat Gavenas (Chelsea Greyhounds), 10:17.31

Amos Pres (Chelsea Greyhounds), 10:23.40

Nathan Lee (Tailwind), 10:28.89

3000 Meter Run 13-14 Division Girls

Clara James-Heer (Ann Arbor Track Club), 10:07.03

Juliette Salazar (New York State), 10:41.39

Amelia Wikstrom (Chelsea Greyhounds), 10:50.38

3000 Meter Run 13-14 Division Boys

Reese Vannnerson (Unattached), 9:26.73

Nathan Lopez (Haverhill Elite), 9:29.76

Samuel Burgess (Flyers Track Club), 9:51.87

4×55 Meter Shuttle Hurdle 15-18 Boys

Flyers Track & Field: Sed Lomami, Ryan Malieswski, Miles Bishop, Samuel Westervelt

Long Jump 9-10 Division Girls

Zion Bullard (Lane 4 Track Club), 4.21m/13-9.75

Zenobia Witt (MackTrack), 4.12m/13-8.25

Lauren Rodriguez (Ocean Breeze), 3.89m/12-9.25

Long Jump 9-10 Division Boys

Julian Loggins (Full Speed), 4.24m/13-11.00

Isaiah Bland (Infinity Track), 4.20m/13-9.50

Marquis Rose Jr. (New Haven Age Group), 3.72m/12-2.50

Shot Put 8 & Under Division Girls

Ayrian Walters (Metro Eagles), 3.87m/12-8.50

Alyriq Owens (Gadsden Burners), 3.42m/11-2.75

Avery Pacheco (Speed Skills), 3.28m/10-9.25

Shot Put 17-18 Division Girls

Victoria McEachern (Ruff Kutz), 11.03m/36-02.25

Jaelyn Chevannes (Ruff Kutz), 10.60m/34-9.50

Lorin Palmore (Elite Performance), 9.95m/32-7.75

High Jump 13-14 Division Girls

Alanna Woolfolk (Camden Track), 1.55m/5-1

Elsa Spoor (Wolfpack Track Club), 1.50m/4-11

Jada Clarke (Velocity Track Club), 1.50m/4-11

High Jump 13-14 Division Boys

Byrce Tucker (Camden Track Club), 1.75m/5-8.75

Brandon Gorski (South Orange), 1.70m/5-7.00

Drew Dillard (Unattached), 1.70m/5-7.00

Long Jump 17-18 Division Girls

Taliyah Futick (Infinity Track Club), 5.33m/17-6

Faith Edwards (Ruff Kutz), 5.23m/17-2

Phoebe Myers (Ruff Kutz), 5.08m/16-8

Long Jump 17-18 Division Boys

Ty’rese Reid (Aoc Ambler Track Club), 6.83m/22-5

Nana Agyemang (Pure Acceler), 6.71m/22-0.25

Zachary Lee (Bronx Tigers), 6.70m/21-11.75

Shot Put 8 & Under Division Boys

Darren Sutton (Chester Cheetahs), 6.00m/19-8.25

Marshall Miller (Notre Dame Track Club), 5.72m/18-9.25

Brody Lucci (Ocean Breeze), 5.47m/17-11.50

High Jump 9-10 Division Girls

Renna Rubenstein (Benswic), 1.15m/3-9.25

Aniyah Stewart (Central CT), 1.10m/3-7.25

Ciana Brown (Aoc Ambler Track Club), 1.05m/3-5.25

High Jump 9-10 Division Boys

Jamir Crichlow (Metropolis), 1.25m/4-1.25

Mekhi Guischard-Yearwood (Texas Storm), 1.25m/4-1.25

Arthur Jones (Ebenezer A.M.), 1.25m/4-1.25

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