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How to Build a Powerful Golf Swing

How to Build a Powerful Golf Swing

Power: A golfers Holy Grail.

You want more distance? Increase your power output. Bottom line, that’s how to build a powerful golf swing.

The last few articles have talked about stability and strength. It was stated that real power couldn’t be achieved without building a solid base of these elements first.

Once you have a sound grasp on strength and stability you can start to build a powerful golf swing.

The body works as one large, complex system. Everything communicates in concert to allow us to move as freely as we do.

The flow of energy through the body is no different. If you want to create power in your swing, start by putting a lot of force into the ground.

How to Build a Powerful Golf Swing, this is where it all starts.

When you push into the ground the ground pushes back up into you with equal force. This is a basic law of physics.

That “push back” or force, travels through the body (legs, core, arms) and continues into the golf club and ultimately the ball. This is the process that happens so you can hit the golf ball.

So, the more force you can push into the ground initially the more end power you can transfer into the golf ball. That’s the goal!

From hear, having stability and a good base of strength will only make this transfer of energy more efficient. This is why smaller statured golfers can hit the ball so far. They are efficient with their power.

How do you create this power you ask?

Let’s start from the ground up.

A squat jump is a great exercise that produces a lot of force into the ground. If you think about it, the legs and hips need to create a lot of energy to propel your whole body against gravity up into the air.

When you practice this move, you’ll strengthen the mind-body connection that produces power from the legs.

The goal now is to recreate this move in your golf swing.

Sometimes you may even notice you (or you’ve seen long drive competitors) actually slightly jump off the ground when they make contact with the ball. This is them creating a mini controlled squat jump throughout the swing.

Once you master creating power from the low body you can move to the upper body to help build a powerful golf swing.

Remember, energy is transferred through the body like electricity through an electrical cable. Any kinks in the system will create a loss in energy transfer.

If you truly want to be efficient you must work on upper body power as well. This way you keep the flow of energy going from the lower body into the arms and down into the golf club.

A good move to practice creating upper body power is a medicine ball throw into a wall. A good amount of power from this move comes from the core and arms. If you lock down the low body you will mostly work those two muscle groups.

A progressed version of this would be to incorporate the low body into this move. Now you will create power using the whole body…which we must do in the golf swing.

Here’s how I do it:


Your up. Swing away!


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