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How to Stop Overthinking in Pressure Situations

How to Stop Overthinking in Pressure Situations

One of the things that happens with athletes when under pressure situations, is that the mind starts racing…

 Under Pressure Situations, your mind speeds up because it is doing it’s best to “think” of all the possibilities of how it can prevent the bad thing from happening. 

That’s the pressure… trying to avoid the bad thing (ie. poor performance). 

This causes many athletes to “Overthink” as they say. 

So what do most coaches and parents say to a young athlete when they notice pressure situations are happening?

How to Stop Overthinking in Pressure Situations

Mind Racing Under Pressure? – Drive It!

“Stop overthinking”

This is worse than pointless advice! It’s harmful to performance because nobody knows how to “stop overthinking”, especially kids.  

Here’s some better advice: Pressure Situations tip #2:



“When she went to the tournament, she went on the court like a different player even though she had already lost and was in the consolation bracket. Then, she went to the finals in the consolation bracket and won! Bottom line is she was playing just like she practices.

She has been learning to apply these techniques to other things besides her tennis.” 

Nancy Kraatz mother of 10 y/o tennis player



Let’s do this, 

Craig Sigl

Mental Toughness Trainer


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