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Rugby Recruiting Process a Warm Up For Your Athlete

Rugby Chat with Coach Carlson, Quinnipiac University Women’s Rugby Champions

Women’s College Rugby in the U.S. is expanding at a rapid clip. As a result there are close to 20 teams who have gone NCAA (NIRA) and more to come! Therefore many prospective students and families have lots of questions. Welcome Becky Carlson, Head Coach of Quinnipiac University’s National Championship Women’s Rugby Program!  She’s stopping in to share some of her top tips for prospective student-athletes!

Asked for one or two things Coach Carlson wished parents knew about the women’s rugby recruiting process, she said,

“My wish for parents is to continue to be curious about the process of recruiting without having to succumb to the temptation to overtake it. I think that’s a huge challenge …”

In addition, watch our video interview to pick up valuable insights on the rugby recruiting process.

NIRA is the National Intercollegiate Rugby Association

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