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Off The Beaten Path | Youth Runner Camps 2023
When It Comes To Destination Running Camps, It’s Hard To Beat The Oregon-Based Youth Runner Options • Nick Slenning knew it when he first experienced it.  What started on a recommendation from his high school track coach, has since turned into a full-blown summer passion. Slenning first attended a... Read more
High Sierra Track Camp 2018: Learn How To Improve Technique and Speed
High altitude and soaring mountains aren’t the only reasons to choose the High Sierra Track Camp 2018, but they are compelling ones! Here’s another: Coach Harry Marra — the world-renowned coach and trainer whose career is highlighted by Ashton Eaton’s two Olympic golds and world record, as well as... Read more
You play the game to win- at least that’s what most people think, right?
Winning Isn’t Everything. Wait. What? What I have learned over many years as the founder of the National Academy of Athletics, as an adult who plays sports, a father of two kids who play sports and a child who grew up playing sports, is that it is actually more... Read more