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Sports Psychology: Can’t go out amid Covid? GO IN!
Sports Psychology: Turning inward to reflect on your thoughts and emotions is a necessary task for creating and maintaining a healthy life. Now, especially amid Covid, is as good as ever to spend some time exploring your inner world. Ask yourself some sports psychology questions, ponder some ideas. Clarity... Read more
Staying Mentally Tough During COVID-19
Focusing On What You Can Control Helps Manage Stress And Keep You Focused On Being Productive In The Face Of Uncertainty • Firstly, I hope you and your families are healthy and safe. As we navigate these unprecedented times, I want to check-in with you and make sure you’re... Read more
Good Stress: How Athletes Can Use Stress In A Good Way
Level Up Insider Erika Westhoff Details How Athletes Can Actually Use A Little Stress In Their Lives • Stress gets a lot of bad press these days. There’s no doubt that chronic stress can wreak havoc on our health and performance. And so many of my clients come to... Read more
3 C’s Of Improving Your Athletic Performance Video
The 3 C’s Of Improving Your Athletic Performance Get Mental with Erika Westoff, SportStars INSIDER• Over the years, I have had countless young athletes come into my office asking one simple question: “How can I improve my athletic performance?” The answer is simple: invest in Physical Training Insurance! What... Read more
Mental Skills = Physical Training Insurance
Get Mental with Erika Westoff, SportStars INSIDER• In this month’s Get Mental column, we take a look at how mental skills becomes insurance for all the physical training you do. Athletes come into my office disappointed and fed up because they simply aren’t performing as well as they can.... Read more
Strategy Session: Planning With Purpose Produces Positives
Get Mental with Erika Westoff, SportStars INSIDER• Interested in doing something today that can enhance your training or competition tomorrow? Keep reading. You’ll learn how planning with purpose produces positives. I’m a big fan of simple strategies that make a BIG difference in development, and that’s exactly what you’ll... Read more