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Youth Runner XC Running Review: Mid Nov., 2020
Running Review Week Ending November, 14th With the Utah State track and field meet behind us, we now shift our focus to the nationwide cross country running review. Lets dive right in. We have ten meets and a Section Championship to cover! Arizona State Meet 11-12 A meet filled... Read more
How to Manage a Track Meet Under Current Safety Guidelines
Managing a National Track & Field Meet Under Current Health & Safety Guidelines Mondo and Coach O have teamed up to provide track & field administrators useful information on how to “return-to-play” and manage a track meet under existing health and safety guidelines as a result of the coronavirus... Read more
Pre-Run Stretch Get You Ready To Run
Countdown to the Youth Runner Camp – Four Min Pre-Run Stretch from Matt Walsh Pre-run workouts get you properly prepared for a good run. While waiting for running camps and competition, or just going out for a good bit of exercise, try these pre-run stretches. Physical Therapist Matt Walsh... Read more
Spring Training Home Running Workout
Part of SportStars #NeverStop campaign, and #StayStrong @home spring training series. Here’s a good schedule of activities for the runner in the household. A good spring training home running workout schedule from the Youth Runner Spring Training from Home Series… Hope everyone is doing well. We’re giving you a... Read more
Keep Moving, Running Reflections on 15 Years of Miles and Trials
Running is about heart, resiliency, and a willingness to overcome adversity and keep moving. Another agonizing workout on the track. Ten half-mile repeats. One more to go, but it feels like I’ve done a thousand. Will they ever end? As I lie on the ground gasping for air, my... Read more
Workouts for Spring Training
Workouts for Spring Training: What is Light Running? We’ve had some setbacks with our running this spring training and off-season training came early. Maybe you can’t leave your home. That doesn’t mean you have to lose your focus or your fitness. If you are not communicating with a coach right... Read more
How to Keep Fuel in Your Tank to Perform At Your Best!
Keeping Fuel in Your Tank. Learn how to fuel to perform at your best!  “Coach Sarah said that this was my year to be the leader on the cross-country team!” Reese exclaims. “And if I just gave it my all, we’d be the first girls’ team at our high... Read more
Nico Young Gatorade XC Boy Athlete of the Year
Nico Young 2019-20 Gatorade National Boys Cross Country Runner of the Year In the lead during the 2019 Nike Cross Nationals, Nico Young – Newbury Park High School senior raced to the national championship this past season, breaking the tape at the Nike Cross Nationals Final with a course-record.... Read more
Foot Locker 2019 Race Reflections
This month’s Foot Locker Race Championships had so much to offer, that it’s hard to know where to begin with to review. There really is so much that this year offered and it transcends what one might call the norm of racing. Each race in this sport is different... Read more

With little time between races, there was no clear favorite with the guys following a sterling girls race in the 2019 Foot Locker Nationals.

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Dede Salcedo Quickly Becoming One of The Top Warriors
McFarland’s Dede Salcedo is now a freshman at Stanislaus State For someone with a vocal cord dysfunction, Dede Salcedo is pretty talkative. She likes talking about running, of course. And her new life at Stanislaus State, about her hometown, and Kevin Costner. Her upbeat personality has been the talk... Read more
Shoes, Water and… What’s in a Cross Country Runners Bag?
You track spikes have been put away, and cross country season is about to begin. So, what’s in your bag? Being a cross country runner, I always carry my running backpack with me filled with my most favorite items. What’s in there you ask? Here are the top six... Read more