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Lindsey Berg Volleyball Tips for Setters
SETTING TOUCH Hi all, Lindsey Berg here again! In my last volleyball tips for setters blog post we discussed volleyball footwork and how proper footwork can assuage a number of passing errors. Today I want to help you get a feel for the ball. You see, your ability to have a... Read more
Pulled Hamstring- How to Heal
 How to heal a pulled Hamstring? The hamstring muscle, which makes up the back of your thigh, is the most frequently strained muscle in the body. A hamstring strain, is both common and painful. It can affect runners, football, soccer, basketball players and so on.  The hamstring is actually... Read more
How to Alleviate Foot and Heel Pain
As athletes, we deal with foot issues throughout our careers. It’s just part of the drill. Our feet are the workhorses of our workouts! But does that mean we have to suffer foot discomfort when were off the field of play? Muir Orthopedic doctors have answers. Here’s how to... Read more
Good Stress: How Athletes Can Use Stress In A Good Way
Level Up Insider Erika Westhoff Details How Athletes Can Actually Use A Little Stress In Their Lives • Stress gets a lot of bad press these days. There’s no doubt that chronic stress can wreak havoc on our health and performance. And so many of my clients come to... Read more
Female Soccer Players at Highest Risk for ACL Tears
Don’t let ACL injuries sideline soccer aspirations The Women’s World Cup is in the limelight. In addition to it being a great example of physical activity for aspiring soccer players of all ages, it’s an important reminder of the prevention of and recovery from ACL tears. A sports medicine... Read more
Three Exercises Most Frequently Done Incorrectly
Have you ever had a stiff neck after doing bicycle crunches or a sore back after doing a plank? It’s because you’re doing them wrong! What’s the point in unnecessarily hurting yourself while trying to work out? Kit Rich, celebrity trainer and founder of KICHGO, says there are three exercises... Read more
“Negative emotions accumulate and become an entity of their own.” ― Eckhart Tolle Psychologist Larry Steinberg did a study on adolescence looking at 10,000 American teenagers. In it he found that teens with warm, respectful, and demanding parents earned higher grades in school. He also found them to be... Read more
How Physical Therapy Can Correct Knee Injury
How Physical Therapy Can Correct Knee Injury Dr. Christopher Powers Knee injuries are the most common injuries we see in the Sports Medicine Center for Young Athletes atUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Our physical therapists will focus on the joints and muscles above and below the knee to get to... Read more
The Detriment to Early Sport Specialization
Is it Wise to Specialize? In the last Issue I spoke about the importance of the long-term development of young athletes and how the microwave mentality (with the support of overwhelming research) clearly shows the detriment to early sport specialization among our youth. Today I will continue this conversation by... Read more
Can Eating Habits be Affected by Sleep?
Sleep is a crucial part of helping an athlete perform his or her best, wouldn’t you agree? Getting adequate sleep can lead to improvements in speed, accuracy, energy levels, alertness and mood. It can also help you have faster reaction times. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you increase... Read more
When Should My Athlete / Child Start Lifting Weights?
When should my athlete / child start lifting weights? That’s a question I get almost weekly from parents who know their kid needs to add strength to get better at their sport. But they don’t know when it’s ok to get them started in lifting. The short answer is,... Read more
Put Your Mind to Something and There’s No Stopping You
Last week I started off my blog with a series of questions. This week I have only one. What do you want? Behaviorists, psychologists and those scholars who study human behavior have said that when you put your mind to something, there is nothing that will stop you from getting... Read more