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Softball’s NAIA Explosion Showcase
Superior Showcase Softball’s NAIA Explosion Showcase Arrives in Placer Valley May 31-June 2  Superior Showcase Softball, USA Softball of Sacramento and Placer Valley Tourism are teaming up for three incredible days of softball for the NAIA Explosion Showcase taking place May 31-June 2. Nearly 1,000 softball players from the... Read more
Be Recruited by a College Coach. 3 Ways to Stand Out
High School Rugby Tournaments, as well as camps and clinics, are continuing to grow as the best places to be recruited by a college rugby (or other sport) coach. Top tournaments attract the cream of the crop. Meaning a big chunk of the nation’s top talent can be found... Read more
Go To School: Tips On Making Yourself More Recruitable
Make Yourself More Recruitable — Professional Tips To Help Volleyball Juniors And Seniors Put Their Best Foot Forward • The recruiting season can be an emotional rollercoaster for an unsigned/uncommitted senior volleyball athlete (and for juniors in the same situation). As the author of, I receive numerous emails... Read more
How to Get the Best Letters of Recommendation
GET RECOMMENDED. GET RECRUITED. You are probably still considering all your options and trying to nail down which colleges and programs to apply to, so now is the time to get your letters of recommendation in line. With the application season quickly approaching it is both helpful and advantageous... Read more
4 Tips To Secure Most College Rugby Scholarships
It was late December when a student (a senior) told me he wanted to attend USC and play football utilizing Rugby Scholarships. His 1.82 GPA says otherwise. And he wasn’t on the football team. Ever. Not in all four years of high school. Add that he is no taller... Read more
How To Boost Your Child’s Mental Training For Rugby
Blast from the past – here’s a picture of me back in 2002 when I was at the height of my playing career. It was easy to find time to prioritize staying fit as a young adult. I virtually had no other obligations other than work, working out and... Read more
Why You Make The Recruiting Process All About YOU
Q: I’m getting recruiting letters from schools in the West Coast Conference, but my friends just laugh and say a Pac-12 scholarship is all that counts. What should I tell the West Coast Conference coaches when they call? J.B., Oakland A: Tell them your friends are idiots. OK, they... Read more