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Video Helps Parents Master Youth Sports Training

Mental Toughness

Last week I shared with you another of my 4-part R.A.C.E. Formula video training series and I just wanted to make sure you got the link to watch the first video to help you master youth sports training: 

If you have any doubts about the necessity of being relentless in the pursuit of a goal, all you have to do it watch interviews of past champions and successful coaches. We cited Michael Phelps – the Olympic phenom, in our last blog as an example.

They all say it, right? About being relentless…

Coaches are famous for teaching kids about being relentless — but very few of them teaches “how” to be relentless.

I am going to give you the key to making this a reality for you and your kids. Parents, this are valuable tools especially if you coach or help with your own kids sports teams.

Stay tuned to my blog, because next we will pick up serious speed in the coming videos. 

Go watch it now while you’re thinking about it and let me know your thoughts.

Let’s do this,

Craig Sigl

Mental Toughness Trainer


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