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Best Products To Help With ACL Tear Recovery Best Products To Help With ACL Tear Recovery
An ACL tear is among the most common sports injuries. Athletes with this injury are forced to sit it out on the bench which can be frustrating. However,... Best Products To Help With ACL Tear Recovery

An ACL tear is among the most common sports injuries. Athletes with this injury are forced to sit it out on the bench which can be frustrating. However, athletes must take the time to recover. Fortunately, advancements in medical technology and rehabilitation have led to a variety of products designed to help in the treatment and recovery process.

This includes products like supportive braces to massage tools that are available to help those with ACL tears regain strength, stability, and mobility. 

Here are the best products to help with ACL tear recovery so that you can return to your sport and an active lifestyle.

Knee Brace

One of the best knee braces for ACL tears is the DonJoy Armor knee brace. This is a custom-made knee brace that is best for those with a severe tear that needs surgery. This knee brace is costly, but insurance may cover the cost for those who require surgery. What makes this option the best is it’s designed specifically for that patient to ensure the perfect fit. This means improved stability and the most protection. 

The Bionic FullStop is one of the best knee braces for ACL tears.

Those who do not want to go with the custom option can check out the Bionic FullStop Knee Brace which is equipped with hinge technology and a four-point leverage system to protect the knee. It has compression and thermal heat regulation. It’s easy to put on and take off and has a sleek design that doesn’t feel bulky on

A more budget-friendly, yet reliable option is the NEENCA Professional Knee BraceThis knee brace has a patented horizontal knit technology that includes a contoured patella gel pad that surrounds the kneecap, along with metal spring stabilizers that support the joint. This provides great stability for the knee and removes pressure from the joint to promote circulation which aids in recovery. From pain relief to its comfortable design, this is one of the best options to support ACL tear recovery. 

Knee brace for ACL tear


Cryotherapy Devices

Ice and using cold as a form of therapy can help reduce inflammation and reduce pain and discomfort from an ACL tear.  Cryotherapy is a great way to promote healing, and this can be done with the Polar Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy Ice Machine System.

Cryotherapy is great for ACL injuries.

The system includes a knee brace that has a cooling pad that attaches around the knee using elastic and Velcro belts. It features a timer that allows the athlete to set cooling temperature and time so that it turns off when no longer needed or following the recommendations of a doctor. While it is on the pricier side, it may be cheaper than a cryotherapy package at an establishment. Another con is this is a complete system that needs to be plugged into an outlet. But it does include a cooling reservoir that resembles a cooler making it portable, yet consumers are instructed to fill it with frozen water bottles. 

More affordable options include ice pack products. The best for repairing ACL tears includes The Coldest Knee Ice Pack Wrap. This product is worn like a knee brace but is packed with gels that ice the knee for cooling therapy. The design allows it to be worn on either the left or right knee and features the company’s Webbing Technology that makes it as comfortable as it is effective. 

Resistance Bands


Once and only when cleared by a medical professional, the athlete can start slowly incorporating knee-strengthening exercises into their daily routine. This includes monster walks, clams, sitting calf stretches, and knee flexion range of motion prone (laying on stomach). 

Among the best resistance bands to buy is the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands. This an affordable set that includes five bands from extra light to extra heavy. Therapists often encourage the use of resistance bands for rehab exercises at home.

Joint Support Creams

When the pain sets in from extending the knee, using a cream that dulls the pain is crucial. The best product for this is Voltaren Pain Relief Cream. This is the best when combating arthritis pain, or tendon and ligament pain associated with an ACL tear. This topical cream reduces stiffness and aches. It’s non-greasy and has long-lasting relief within seven days of continuous use. 


Supportive Sneakers

It’s important to have supportive sneakers to prevent and ease knee pain. One of the best options for aiding in recovery from ACL tears is the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12. These are all about cushion, so think of this pair of sneakers as walking on clouds. Not only are these comfortable, but it also has great stability for the knee joint and also has great arch support for the foot. 

New Balance sneakers for ACL tear recovery.

Another option that knocks it out of the park when its comes to comfort is Hoka’s Bondi 8 sneakers. With lighter foam a “extended heel geometry” these sneakers are great for every day use and especially when facing knee issues. It has an Orthtolite hybrid sockerliner and zonal rubber placement for weight saving.

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