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SportStars® advances the physical, social and behavioral development of youth through sports education, game content and events. We make “stars” of every athlete by promoting a safe, fun and healthy experience. We provide compelling, educational and resource-filled high school sports articles and content reinforcing positive self image and confidence, leadership and acceptance, and health and nutritional enrichment— core values found in the team experience and encouraged by active, healthy lifestyles.

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A: SportStars is published 16 times a year; 12 monthlies and 4 mid-month Specials, throughout California

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Q: How Do I Get My Hands On The Magazine?

A: Dial up our mobile edition on your smart phone, tablet or desktop. There are over 1600 locations that carry our print editions as well.

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Q: How do I Get My Team in SportStars or Nominate an Athlete for “SportStar of the Week”?

A: Easy. Email our Editors . Include name, info and pictures. Or call (925) 566-8500.

Q: How do I Get My Athlete Signed Up For Camp?

A: SportStars specializes in sports, outdoor and enrichment Camps & Clinics. Our 24/7 online resource, available here, has over 700 camps. A special Annual Camps & Clinics Resource Guide is published every March— the largest of its kind.

Q: Will You Come To My Event? Can I get Magazines for my event?

A: SportStars makes it out to every event possible! We love to see our readers and to support you! Connect with us. We like to partner with teams and leagues. Call or email 925) 566-8500

Q: I’ve Seen Your Banners and Logo On Ads, Posters and at gyms and fields. What’s That About?

A: SportStars partners with businesses, events and team, offering a unique arsenal 0f media products to benefit your initiatives. We also have an event production division, for our shows, called SportsJam. Don’t be shy, connect with us.

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