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Academic Talent Development Program!* - SportStars Magazine
At this camp, students who are already enrolled in the UC Graduate School of Education’s Academic Talent Development Program (ATDP) spend a portion of their day participating in sports and recreation activities. The curriculum of each activity is developed specifically for ATDP students and geared toward nurturing the fundamental skills necessary for each activity through fun, experiential learning.

Campers participate in three to four activities, daily, for three weeks. We usually offer a choice of activities each hour that includes either a traditional sport (basketball, soccer, etc.) or a recreational or fine art activity (drama, art, board games, etc.). Participants have the option of selecting activities on the first day of camp. Campers are usually able to switch an activity within the first several days if they find they would enjoy another activity more. Our sports and recreation programs may be very active.
Camp Activities at Washington School
Arts & Crafts
Chess and Board Games
Martial Arts
Track & Field
YogaPlease note: Activities offered may vary due to staff, facilities and preferences.

Academic Talent Development Program!*
65 Wine Street
Richmond, CA 94801
Camp Dates
Academic Talent Development Program!* - Summer Camp 2022