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ADA Teen Inclusion Center!* - SportStars Magazine
This is the ideal afterschool program for teens ages 12+ with or without special needs who would benefit from a program led by Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists. Make new friends and play in a safe and welcoming environment! Enjoy cooking, games, art and crafts, gardening, sports, and community outings. Homework help provided upon request. Due to the specialized nature of this program spaces are limited so sign up today!


Adaptive Golf at Lake Chabot Golf Course, Monday evenings during the summer season
Adaptive Softball Wednesday evenings during the summer season.

We also provide citywide ADA accommodations and services.

The Inclusion Center provides an environment where people have an opportunity to shine regardless of their ability or disability. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance so that individuals with special needs acquire the confidence and skills to exercise their option to access mainstream programs and services. A component of our service is to include and educate people without disabilities so they may gain the benefit of knowing how to interact with their peers regardless of functioning level.

Camp Coaches
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ADA Teen Inclusion Center!*
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.