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Week-long archery camp provide in-depth instruction in archery form and technique along with a wide variety of archery shooting experiences. Camper also benefit from on-site video analysis of their shooting form. Contact:

Summer Archery Camps

The week will include instruction, lots of practice, supervised trail shooting, cooperative team contests, and a camp tournament for individual awards on the last day of camp. Equipment is provided, but campers are free to use their own equipment. Break time under the shade shelter is provided for campers to enjoy snacks & refreshments that they bring from home (no food is provided).
When: Week days

Who: All archers (girls and boys) ages 7-17 (enrollment limited to 6 participants)

Luis Hinojosa and Adam Ahblad; Info: (408) 621-4937;

Camps also held at Bear Valley Mountain.

Camp Coaches
Additional Coaches
All American Archery Day Camps*
Santa Clara, CA
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.