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Arroyo Grande Football 28th Annual Passing Tournament and Lineman’s Competition - July. 7 ON 7 FORMAT: Format is typically decided by the teams playing each other.  Please Note:  Coaches are responsible to keep these games safe.  There should NEVER be any tackling or contact of any kind above the shoulders. Contact:

These games should be used for instructional purposes only. The games are self-officiated and unscored.  Fields are 50 yards long, plus an end zone. Games are 45 minutes long, with all fields located near each other.

LINEMEN FORMAT:  Coaches will meet behind the visitor bleachers at 9:15 on Friday.  The following six events will commence at 10:00: barrel, rings, obstacle course, truck push, sled pull and 185-bench press.  If you have any specific questions about these events, please email Coach Scott Shepard at

Arroyo Grande Football:

PRIZES:  “Trench Wars 2013” shirts are awarded to the top 3 finishing teams in the Linemen Competition.

CONTACT: Head Coach Tom Goossen – (805) 441-5465 (cell),, or football office (805) 473-4263

LOCATION:  Arroyo Grande High School, 495 Valley Rd., Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

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Arroyo Grande Football*
495 Valley Road
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
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