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Bald Eagle All Star Basketball Clinics!* - SportStars Magazine
Do what it takes to be an All-Star! Positive Coaching Alliance messaging and professional coaching will give your player the extra practice they need.

This clinic is perfect for those who play on a team and want more practice time. It's also great for players who aren't on a team and would like to improve. It's great for players who may be beginners and are just looking for a fun experience.

Fantastic coaching and high-quality programming offer game play and skill development in our preseason clinics. Fundamentals are the focus and offensive skills are emphasized so players are prepared and confident come tryouts, evaluations or their first few practices.

Classes run twice a week September-December. Parents can pick and choose the classes that fit with their schedule. Discounts are given when more classes are bought. Please visit our website for more information:

Bald Eagle All Star Basketball Clinics!*
201 Almond Ave
Mountain View, CA 94040