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Barrett Community Center Acro Camps* - SportStars Magazine
Get in shape for acrobatics! We'll work on core strength, flexibility, and alignment. Also you'll strengthen your head/handstands, backbends, and jumping; developing power and confidence to prepare for tumbling and injury prevention. No experience required. For more information on the show, costume fees and Parent Information night, call 650-595-7448 or go to

The Community Learning Center, a State Licensed Preschool Center, has been designed to encourage the development of creativity in your child and to promote a happy learning and growing experience. Each child will be stimulated by a caring environment, which will contribute to the development of the whole child. Children will participate in activities designed to meet their individual needs, interests, and abilities. These activities will focus on all areas of development – social, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

Barrett Community Center Acro Camps*
Camp Dates
Barrett Community Center Acro Camps* - Camp 2022