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Bay Badminton Center!* - SportStars Magazine
Bay Badminton Center (BBC) is the premier badminton facility in the greater San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley. BBC currently has three convenient locations (with 37 total regulation courts) to serve the bay area’s recreational badminton players, corporate events, private parties, and tournaments attracting players from all over the world. Info: (650) 588-2088 or 408.942.2888.

Badminton, a widely beloved sport in Asia, is becoming more and more popular here in the USA and there is a very real need for a gymnasium of this stature. Badminton is a fast, precise and beautiful sport that requires discipline, agility and skill. It attracts and holds fast the attention of men and women of all ages. Originally, it was considered a young person’s sport but today, men and women of all ages continue to compete well into their 50′s and 60′s. It is also a sport that encourages friendships and social rapport. It is not surprising for someone to walk into a badminton gymnasium and immediately get invited to play a friendly game. Badminton is a sport that is hard on the joints and the wrong flooring can cause severe injuries. It is also a sport that is hard on the eyes and unsuitable lighting will cause fatigue and strain. Currently there are simply not enough places/gyms in which to play the sport of badminton.

Bay Badminton Center!*
1404 San Mateo Ave
South San Francisco, 94080
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.