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Berean Christian Coed Volleyball Camp-* - SportStars Magazine
Berean Christian Coed Volleyball Camp Led by Berean Christian Coach, Lucas Abbott, assisted by current Berean Christian varsity players and alumni, this camp offers a great opportunity for your child to develop skills like blocking, passing, serving, hitting, and setting, as well as to practice offensive and defensive strategies through drills and scrimmages.

We are looking forward to seeing you this summer!!
Our Sports Summer Camps offer a fun and safe environment where children can improve their skills while making new friends and having a blast! Whether your child is enrolled alone or you encourage a buddy to sign up as well, Berean Christian Sports Summer Camps are a great way to make new friends via fun, healthy, and enriching physical activity! In 2019, we almost doubled the number of campers! Check back in the winter to find more information about what camps we will offer, dates, and registration. We can't wait to see what 2020 will bring!

Berean Christian Coed Volleyball Camp-*
245 El Divisadero Ave
Walnut Creek, CA 94598