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Jam Week is an integral part of the curriculum at Bradley School of Music. During Jam Week, students have the opportunity to perform with other students, instructors, and top Bay Area musicians. In addition to these group jam classes, students can participate in open counseling sessions with Bradley School of Music instructors. All the events and activities during Jam Week are designed to keep the student focused on their short and long term musical goals. Info: 925.478.5202

The jam session is part of the Bradley School of Music Program. The jam session allows students to get professional performance experience. So come on out to the Family Jam Night at the Brown Ave location, or Vinnie’s Bar and Grill in Concord and listen to students jam with owner Patrick Bradley, legendary Orestes Vilato of Santana, and other local professionals and instructors of Bradley School of Music. Student performances occur during Jam Night. Currently we have two Jam Nights, the Family Jam Night and Vinnie’s Jam. Students can bring their instruments and participate or they can observe, learn, and listen. Students are advised to arrive early so they can sign up on the list.

Bradley school of music offers a variety of private and group classes for students of all ages and skill levels. Students that enroll in private lessons will be assigned a private instructor. This instructor will guide the student throughout their studies at BSM. The instructor will help the student outline and define goals, structure a path for reaching those those goals, and offer guidance and support while the student progresses into group/jam classes.

Bradley School of Music Jam Week*
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Bradley School of Music Jam Week* - Jam Weeks 2022