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Join the internationally recognized, experienced, knowledgeable, and certified UC Martial Arts instructional staff at our UC Martial Arts Youth Camp. Our camp goals are to improve quality instruction, techniques and knowledge of martial arts; encourage youth to enrich their lives through fitness of mind and body by training in the martial arts; and promote the development of positive personal character. Info:; 510-643-2267

All martial arts classes require a uniform. Uniforms are $30 and can be purchased the first day of camp.

Martial Arts campers will have Judo, Taekwondo, or Yongmudo training each day. Taekwondo sparring will be available, but only for advanced Taekwondo students Campers will also have after-program activities, such as: drawing, crafts, reading, hula hoop, jump rope, homework, watching Martial Arts videos. There will also be activities held outside: freeze tag, basketball, frisbee golf, soccer, and more

Ages & Eligibility: Campers must be Ages 6-16 (by December 1, 2017) in order to register for this camp. All levels are welcome!

Price: One-Week – $450
Two-Week – $650

Cal Martial ArtsCamp*
2301 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720
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