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Cal Youth Camps offers one-of-a-kind social skills camps for children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities, High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and children with similar social skills deficits. Camps for entering grades 4-8 and teens. Info: 510-643-2509,

Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for children to learn social skills through participation in sports and recreational activities. Specific focus is places on making and maintaining friendships and the culture of winning and losing in sports and games. There is an application for the program to ensure the best fit between the camper’s needs and program structure. These programs are not designed for children who need one-to-one assistance or have significant non-compliant or aggressive behavior.

Social Skills Camp – Teens
The Social Skills Leadership Camp for Teens is for individuals entering 9th – 13th grade and who would benefit from support with social skills. This program provides an opportunity to learn leadership skills in the context of a camp environment. This program parallels our traditional Counselor in Training, and Camper in Leadership Training, programs while adding direct social skills support and activities designed to meet the teenager’s individual goals. Emphasis is placed upon the acquisition of vocational skills, simultaneously applying those in successful social situations with fellow staff and peers. Teens must have a desire to work with children or be involved with sports to be successful in this program.

Social Skills Camp – Elementary
The Social Skills Elementary Camp for entering grades 4-8 exists within Blue Camp, a large day camp at UC Berkeley for typically developing children. Campers are organized into groups of three or four campers and are assigned a specialized group leader who supports them through their day. The groups follow a daily schedule that includes social skills coaching throughout the day as they are fully integrated into the day camp experience. Parents of campers in this program have seen their child happy in an active environment and have noted lasting improvements and a willingness to try new things during the school year.

Cal Social Skills Camp*
Camp Dates
Cal Social Skills Camp* - Summer Camps 2022 (June 6-Aug. 19)