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Camp Unalayee has been taking kids on outdoor adventures since 1949. Located at 6,400’ in Northern California’s Trinity Alps Wilderness - Camp is nestled in a beautiful alpine lake basin, surrounded by rugged peaks and saw-tooth ridges - the perfect location to provide a co-ed wilderness backpacking summer camp to youth ages 10-17. While at camp, campers live as a family in small but diverse groups called “tribes.” Info: (866) 805-6901

Unalayee’s base camp program creates a supportive community where friendship and cooperation flourish. Working together, campers learn new skills, build self-confidence and develop self-sufficiency, all while exploring a spectacular wilderness summer camp setting.
Each tribe has at least two counselors who make sure everyone shares in communal tasks like building fires, cooking, and cleaning up. Each morning, campers assemble after breakfast to learn about the activities being offered that day. Possible choices include archery, crafts, swimming, boating, arts, rock-climbing, music, and much more.

Unalayee Summer Camp CampersEach base-camp session also includes multi-day backpacking trips (one trip for the ten-day introductory program, two trips for the fifteen-day program). The hikes are planned to be compatible with campers’ age, interests and abilities. The three- to four-day long hikes are led by trained, experienced Unalayee staff, equipped with two-way radios and other safety gear. The hikes go out into the surrounding wilderness to visit nearby lakes and creeks. Sometimes a hike is organized around a special theme, such as gourmet trail cooking or natural history. These wilderness adventures are often the highlight of the summer.

Our 10-day introductory program is offered once every summer and designed for younger kids. Campers in the ten-day program participate in all the same activities as the fifteen-day program campers, and are included in all-camp events along with the fifteen-day campers. Ten-day program campers go on a single three-day, two-night backpacking trip which is designed for beginner hikers.

Need financial assistance? A core value of the Unalayee summer camp program has been to include children from all economic circumstances. Check our Financial Aid info page:

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Camp Unalayee Wilderness Base Camp-*
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