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Unalayee’s unique location in the heart of the Trinity Alps Wilderness, and within walking distance of the Russian and Marble Mountain Wildernesses, makes it the perfect trailhead to a backpacking adventure. Our wilderness summer camp is surrounded by pinnacles and peaks, hundreds of high-altitude lakes, ribbons of rivers, limestone caverns and caves, meadows brimming with wildflowers, and tangles of trails begging for exploration. Info: (866) 805-6901

Each session, Unalayee offers multiple Trail Programs that provide extended backpacking trips into this remarkable landscape. All of our trail programs incorporate some level of wilderness survival skills and may include 24-hour solos or cross-country terrain.

Need financial assistance? A core value of the Unalayee summer camp program has been to include children from all economic circumstances. Check our Financial Aid info page:

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Camp Unalayee Wilderness Trail Camps-*
Trinity Alps Wilderness, CA
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