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Carmel Valley Tennis Camp* - SportStars Magazine
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp, a junior residential tennis camp for children 10 – 18.Campers, beginning through advanced players, come to Carmel Valley Tennis Camp to improve their tennis and have fun. Along with great tennis, Carmel Valley Tennis Camp has numerous off court daytime activities that include conditioning for tennis, swimming, hot tub, archery, ropes course, arts and crafts, volleyball, outdoor basketball, ping pong, bumperpool, fooz ball, and lawn games.  Info:

We believe we are the best junior tennis camp in the country. Campers improve their tennis and are exposed to healthy lifestyles and good role models while having a great time. CVTC is a very special place. 

In a safe and caring environment, we provide a balanced and fun residential camp experience to meet the needs of all levels of tennis players aged 10-18.
Great tennis instruction, healthy competition, and numerous social and sports activities take place on a beautiful wooded setting that was built as a camp.

Campers are encouraged to improve their tennis skills and develop independence, confidence, friendships, and personal responsibility while learning the importance of living and working together.

Good Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of our program because the game cannot be played without someone on the other side of the net, and we believe good sportsmanship is one of the most important attributes one can develop for success in life.
Tennis combines physical fitness with skill development and improves hand-eye coordination and focus.

All campers improve their tennis at CVTC. They have daily opportunities to see and hear about great tennis through our daily meetings, on court demonstrations, exhibitions, matches and videos. They are instructed on court a minimum of 3 hours per day in tennis groups that have a ratio of one counselor to five or six campers of similar tennis experience. Campers spend the good part of each hour hitting balls in game based drills.

Daily match play in a team tennis format significantly improves camper’s games.

Camp Coaches
Additional Coaches
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp*
20805 Cachagua Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Camp Dates
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp* - June 5 – June 11
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp* - June 12 – June 25
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp* - June 26 – July 9
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp* - July 10 – July 23
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp* - July 24 – August 6
Carmel Valley Tennis Camp* - August 7 – August 13