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Club All Star is the premier travel baseball organization in the Central Valley. CAS is based out of Stockton CA and All Star Sports indoor training facility. Info: 209-957-8462;

Serious players need serious training. Private lessons are the best way to increase your skill level and knowledge of the game and functional strength. All of our instructors at All Star have played at the College or Professional levels, and are experts at relating their playing experiences and knowledge of the game to players of all levels. Lessons are designed with each individual in mind and tailored to meet the needs of all players, from the beginning Little Leaguer to the player looking to make the transition from High School to College. 

Want to hit at the next level??? All Star is proud to announce our NEW Xtra Reps Power Hitting Class. You need to develop the INTENT to put a controlled/violent swing on the ball! What is your bat speed, ball exit speed, ball flight? IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HITTING AT THE NEXT LEVEL - YOU CAN'T GET CAUGHT LOOKING AT THIS PROGRAM!! Each class limited to 6 players and new: Updated Hitting Drills & Training Protocols!

MPH+ In Season Velocity Program: It's ok, your velocity doesn't matter, just throw strikes get guys out and colleges will come knocking at your door! This advice couldn't be more wrong.  

The truth is your velocity does matter, velocity is the key to getting to the next level. We have been working hard on updating our training protocols, throwing program and functional movement patterns to help develop powerful, dynamic throwers. We are not concerned with pretty mechanics and do not cookie cut players. We do concern ourselves with explosive drills that will help both pitchers and position players develop strong durable arms. We have had tremendous success over the past 5 years with our velocity program with most players gaining anywhere from 4-6 mph and some gaining up to 9 mph through a rigorous two month session. We have beefed up our program, added an additional month and have some awesome new training tools to help take players to the next level.

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CAS Summer Baseball Camp*
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CAS Summer Baseball Camp* - 01-03-2022
CAS Summer Baseball Camp* - 01-04-202