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We are a fundamental skills development academy for youth rugby players for ages 12-18. We also provide specific coach development programs and courses for clubs, schools and organizations to improve their coaching standards. Info: 619-806-2123

We coach our fundamental skills with one goal in mind and that is to make sure our players have happy hearts and minds and more importantly that they can use the lessons they learn at practice and apply it in real life situations to be better people.
We provide a system to coaches that is based on a detailed approach with everything they do to have a purpose and to have a better understanding of those elements in the game as a whole. We keep players engaged through a game based approach but we also coach the technical elements with detail.

As players and coaches we always have to understand "The "why" we do things first before we understand the The "how".
At Cobra rugby we do both in detail and we guide the player to understanding through questioning and participation.
We provide a complete solution with our network of coaches and performance specialists to provide our players and coaches a solution so they can reach their full potential.

Whether your club needs player or coaching development or any specific consulting we can provide a tailor made service for your needs. We have experts in the field of technical, tactical, physical and mental performance coaching and will provide customized programs for your needs.

We are committed to building lasting and successful partnerships with you as a team and look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.

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Cobra Rugby Coaching Courses / Player Development*
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