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Colin Knightly Lacrosse Clinics* - SportStars Magazine
Colin Knightly Lacrosse Clinics, Training Center Classes and Lessons are for experienced players looking to take their skills to the next level, or beginners who are interested in learning a new sport. Private Lessons are for boys ages U9-U19. Coaches will design each session with your position, experience and skill set in mind. Sessions will mostly consist of speed and agility, stick skills, game concepts and 1v1's. Info: (925) 338-1260;

U8 6/12- 6/15 8:30a-11:30a
U10 6/19-6/22
U12 6/26-6/29

Ground Ballers
Develop a love for the game from the ground up! Ground Ballers is a "soft crosse" program for boys and girls ages 4,5 and 6. No worries if you do not have a stick, we will provide one. Just bring a positive attitude!

Ground Ballers 2.0
This class is for young players, age 6, 7 and 8 who have already participated in the Ground Ballers program and want to start wearing equipment. Ground Ballers 2.0 gets players acclimated to playing lacrosse with a little contact.  Full pads are required for this class.

Offered by age group. Designed for Short Sticks, but all positions welcome (when you hold the ball, you're on offense). High repetition drills designed to improve Stick Skills, Shooting, Dodging, and Changing Direction.

Offered by age group. All positions welcome, because all positions play defense. You will always be a value to your team if you can: play with your feet, use your stick to your advantage, identify situations, play the right angle, and have the strength & quickness to guard anyone.

Goalie Classes & Face-Off Friday
We want our goalies and Face of Specialists to be over 60%. Being the best "First in" and the best "Last line of Defense" are so critical in today's lacrosse game. Often, these two specialized skills don't make the practice plan, and do not receive much attention. We offer training dedicated and designed to your needs. Come train with like-minded specialists!

Colin Knightly Lacrosse Clinics*
Camp Dates
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