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Cucina Bambini Cooking Summer Camps* - SportStars Magazine
We offer culinary education covering a wide range of cooking techniques, along with safe food handling, etiquette and nutrition. We provide a fun and relaxed environment where children of all ages will build confidence and be encouraged to use their creativity in the kitchen. Whether participating in our individual classes, cooking series, summer camps, home school courses or field trips, your kids will have so much fun. Info: (408)564-7773

Whether your child is interested in baking, making pasta, or even rolling sushi, we offer a variety of individual classes and series of classes. Check out our ONLINE CALENDAR for details of upcoming classes, or download a PDF version of the calendar. There is definitely something for everyone!

Cucina Bambini Cooking Summer Camps*
Camp Dates
Cucina Bambini Cooking Summer Camps* - Booking Calendar