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Delphi Academy Of Santa Clara - SportStars Magazine
Young campers ages 4 - 13 come from around the Bay Area and even from abroad to spend up to eight weeks of their summer days at Delphi. Campers enjoy weekly field trips, and the opportunity to explore creative arts, technology and many other hands-on activities. Camping trips, beach trips and amusement parks fill the Delphi Summer with additional adventure. Info: 408-260-2300

During morning study hours, campers get personalized attention from experienced and caring teachers. In just one summer, a camper can conquer a subject they’ve been having difficulty with, explore new subjects of interest, or improve study skills with one of our special courses in how to study effectively. Campers coming from overseas have plenty of opportunity to practice their English skills, too.

Age-appropriate excursions and special events throughout the summer ensure that everyone has a great time, gains confidence in new areas and has plenty of opportunity for personal growth. Campers are often so busy enjoying their new friends, going rock climbing, swimming, trampoline jumping, or water sliding that they may not realize how much they actually learn in just two months! 

Delphi Academy Of Santa Clara
One West Campbell Avenue, Building A
Campbell, CA 95008
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.