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Delta Dawgs Baseball Club is a competitive travel team, the primary emphasis of the club is for the players to enjoy the game of baseball, to achieve academic excellence, and to experience the personal rewards that result from working hard to reach their potential Info: (925) 584-8066

*Enhance our players abilities and maximize their potential through an advanced development program

* Provide a safe, fun and positive environment for our players to enjoy tournament baseball competition *

* Underscore the importance of achieving scholastic success and that education is the number one priority *

* Promote true sportsmanship by respecting the rules, officials, opponents, teammates, and ourselves *

* Guide our players\' personal growth by teaching life lessons and overcoming their challenges through the aspects of baseball *

* For each player and family to expand friendships and create lasting memories *

Tryouts and teams forming. Info:

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Delta Dawgs Baseball Camps*
Camp Dates
Camps dates are currently available on the organizations website.