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Dynamite Sports Speed Baseball/Softball Speed Clinic* - SportStars Magazine
At Dynamite Sports Speed Academy, our Athlete Development and Sports Speed Development Programs include teaching Linear Speed, Multidirectional Speed, Deceleration Technique, EVJ (Explosive Vertical Jumping) and our ACL/Knee Injury Prevention Program: S.K.I.P. (Safe Knee Injury Prevention). Info:

Dynamite Sports Speed is the BEST & most COMPLETE Youth Sports Performance Training Program in Natomas.

Athletes develop greater:


Athletic Power

Explosive, Game-Changing Sports Speed

Three Age Groups

High School Athletes

Middle School Athletes

Fit Kids (Ages 8-10) - Offered during the Summer

To develop stronger and faster Athletes, we use a proven Athlete Performace program and three foundational principles:

Speed Is A Skill

Learn Skills Not Drills

Athletes Train Movements, Not Isolated Muscles

Greater Strength, Speed & Athleticism will give your Youth Athlete an edge over the competition.

Call to take advantage of a FREE training session, and...Discover why Dynamite is the Difference.

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Dynamite Sports Speed Baseball/Softball Speed Clinic*
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